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Repairs and Conservation

Church works are our speciality, and we excel in both interior and exterior restoration, repairs and alterations.

To bring a new lease of life to such historic buildings is a passion of ours and gives us an opportunity to showcase our traditional building craft skills.

Restoring & Retaining Historic Relics

Our extensive knowledge and experience in the conservation and restoration of historic monuments ranges from delapidated city walls to historic castles.

Our team takes repairs and alterations in their stride and we have a wide and experienced skill base in these areas.  We work hard to deliver each clients' vision to the highest of standards.

Although the bulk of our projects are conservation and repair works on historic buildings and monuments, our workforce enjoy putting their skills towards exciting new builds and seeing them come to fruition.

Grounds & Garden Lanscaping & Exterior Paving

As part of our projects we are often involved with landscaping and external works.  This can range from large retaining wall structures, to paths, paving, parking and the planting of trees and shrubs.

Got a project in mind? With a dedicated team of skilled craftsmen, we can realise your vision.

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